Friday, March 24, 2006

Studio Update

A complete (I hope) filmography is coming soon. This will feature all my past acting credits.

As far as films in the works.

Geek Immortal: Awakening is in scripting currently. We are aiming for a May release but schedules may push it back to June. Expect to see a teaser released Monday.

Wicked Moon films would like to announce that Geek Immortal will be showing exclusively on Future Star Network.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another New Release

Here is another film that I am appearing in. It's based on the Star Trek universe so naturally, I was a go for this:

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Out in TMO Now!

Wicked Moon Films has released it's first film, Doubt (formerly Obsession.) It is a very rough cut and more of interest for it's story than it's technical value.

Watch it here:

That's not all, as I've been busy doing voice work for several films be sure to check them out too:

The final two parts to King Kong 1940 have been released. Follow the link in the intro post to be taken to Gemini Films home page to catch those great films.

The last Inhuman Assassin movie has hit from director Buccura it won't be up for much longer so catch it while you can:

He will be releasing Project Sadako soon which I also will be appearing in. The trailer is at his studio site.

Shysongs has released the first in a supernatural series that has really been under appreciated, check it out here: I am of course, the nerdy sister.

I am also doing a role in the new series Shadow Realm from IG-88 productions the second half of episode one is here:

Keep a watch here for future updates on Wicked Moon Films releases and related projects. Now in production is Kill Phil the ultimate talk show revenge film.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Welcome to Wicked Moon Films

This site is for updates and behind the scenes information on my current The Movies projects. The Movies is a game created by Lionhead Studios in which you are able to make your own animated films. Visit the following site for more information:

Anyone who registers for a forum account can review movies on the site and the creators get credit.

Wicked Moon Films has two films currently in pre-production. The first, Obsession, is a thriller and is about to begin filming. The second will be announced shortly, but it is a supernatural comedy that will be released in several episodes.

There are two studios I want to highlight in the meantime. The first is our partner studio. PhredCetera has two films currently in release. His freshman effort is a silent film that is very cute. PhredCetera's latest release is a Lost parody that is sure to amuse. You can find them both here:

The second studio I'd like to highlight has a smash hit on it's hands with it's blockbuster King Kong 1940. Gemini Films has plans to release more cutting edge films in the near future. King Kong 1940 of course holds a special place in my heart as it is my acting debut. I even get first billing at the site :-) Gemini Films can be found here:

I encourage everyone to register and give your support for these fine films in the form of your review.

More updates to come....